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What is a subdomain

When you register a domain name with a Registrar, you are requesting ownership of a "top-level" domain name. A top-level domain name is one that that ends in ".com" or ".net". A sub-domain would be a sub-set of names that can be used with that top-level domain. For Example, would be a top level domain. would make "heldpesk" a subdomain for

What should i set my nameservers to?

Your nameservers should be set to:


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I signed up for your Premier Triple Domain package when I only needed to host 1 domain name. Now I have my second and/or third domains that I want to host. How do I get these activated for my account?

You may setup your new domains in your web host manager, or just email us at or open a support ticket with your request. Include the new domain name(s) and different usernames to apply to each domain name account.

I am already hosting my web site with another hosting company. What do I need to consider before transferring my existing domain to your servers?

First, you should check to be sure you have authority for your domain name. If your current hosting provider registered your domain name for you, you should contact them and inquire about obtaining ownership. If you registered your own domain, simply contact your Registrar for the domain name and modify the nameserver settings (sometimes called 'DNS settings') for the domain name. New nameserver settings will be given to you by your new Hosting provider at signup.

Second, you should be aware of the 24-48 hour delay in nameserver propagation.

How do I get shell access?

Shell access is included with each hosting package. However, our automated setup software does not include the shell access right away.

Simply send an e-mail to (or open a ticket in the helpdesk) with your domain name, cpanel username/password and we will activate your shell account